THE MONEY LINK: Sticking with a fitness routine isn’t always easy. Try focusing on the potential rewards: Heading to the gym at least three times a week has been linked to higher pay—7% more for men, 12% for women, according to

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6 Money-Saving Travel Hacks
1. FOR AIRLINE TICKETS, CHECK MOMONDO FIRST. › Frommer’s compared prices quoted by airfare search engines, aggregators, and booking websites for 25 popular routes, both for last-minute flights and those booked six weeks ahead. The results? Momondo i
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Letters & Comments
RE: THE CASE FOR INVESTING ABROAD [JULY] Your story indicated that investors need direct foreign exposure in their portfolios. I disagree and have maintained for years the same view as Vanguard founder Jack Bogle. If a third of revenue for large U.S
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Taking Out the Meal-Kit Trash
Leftovers are tasty. Leftover garbage? Not so much. Here’s how to get creative with your waste.