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The Machiavellian Mr. Kim
Kim Jong Un was anything but formidable when he first stepped onto the world stage in 2011. With head bowed, the 27-year-old wept before the casket of his late father Kim Jong II. Rumors suggested the scion was a hard-partying libertine, while a CIA
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One Of Pop’s Biggest Voices Gets A New Style
CHRISTINA AGUILERA HAS ALWAYS BEEN DRIVEN by reinvention. She shakes off a part of herself with each new album cycle, tapping into a character or concept that can house whatever is energizing her creatively. First she left her teen-pop roots behind a
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Writer David Sedaris Is Ready To Face Middle Age. If Only He Could Find The Perfect Outfit
DAVID SEDARIS IS ON THE HUNT FOR A SPECIFIC type of shirt. “I’m old now and can’t wear anything too thin,” he explains to a store clerk. “It accentuates my man-breasts.” Sedaris has led me to 45R, a Japanese boutique he first shopped at in Tokyo bef