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Should Objectors Serve the Trump Administration?
AFTER 37 YEARS OF PUBLIC SERVICE IN the Navy, I am an unabashed advocate for serving our nation, which ought to be the first responsibility of any citizen. But lately I am hearing from my students a troubling question: If I am in violent disagreement
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Desperate Journey
THE BOATS USUALLY ARRIVE AT NIGHT BECAUSE IT’S SAFER IN THE DARK. Occasionally they come during the day, when a situation is urgent enough to risk fire from Myanmar border guards, or a window for safe passage opens up. The majority arrive at the sout
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Roy Moore, Donald Trump and the GOP’s Moral Compass
THE ALLEGED CHILD MOLESTER OR THE DEMOCRAT? Alabama voters face that choice in a few weeks’ time, and it’s not clear which they’ll find more odious. There are several reasons to think Roy Moore, the Republican nominee who has been accused of making s