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Sucking at Stuff

Where, how, and why to play piano, bake sourdough, and learn Thai massage in spite—and because—of the fact that you’ll be very bad at it. At least at first.

THE CLEVELAND INDIANS, Florence Foster Jenkins’s singing career, my attempts to drive stick: three examples of prolonged, profound failure. And yet, in an age when we can so fastidiously craft the public narratives of our perfect lives—who even believes someone’s immaculately curated Instagram account anymore?—I find myself

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Summer of Rage
AFTER HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY Kirstjen Nielsen and presidential adviser Stephen Miller were heckled at Mexican eateries over the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy—and one restaurant owner declined to serve spokesperson Sarah Huckabee S
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COLLUSION: A Plausible Theory Of Donald Trump, Russian Asset Since 1987.
ON JUNE 14, 2016, the Washington Post reported that Russian hackers had broken into the Democratic National Committee’s files and gained access to its research on Donald Trump. A political world already numbed by Trump’s astonishing rise barely took
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To Do
THEATER 1. See Fire in Dreamland Up in smoke. Public Theater, through August 5. Set in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Rinne Groff’s new play follows a disillusioned idealist and a charismatic auteur who’s making a film about the 1911 fire tha