Open Your Mind to What an “Earth-Like” Planet Could Be

You are standing on a sandy plain lit only by the harsh, cold light of a blue-white spark flashing overhead in steady metronomic bursts. The pinprick of light almost seems like a distant star, but each flash raises a disturbing tingling sensation within you, suggesting the stroboscopic light source is somehow nearby, and must be the shrunken sun of this desolate world. There is no substantial atmosphere to shield you from the vacuum, and you feel strangely disconnected as you collapse and begin to lose consciousness. As your vision fades to black, you feel saliva bubbling to a boil on your tongue, and you notice pale blue wisps of ionized atoms subliming off the x-ray-sizzled skin of your face.

Encased in a spacesuit, you are floating in the void of interstellar space when you feel an unfamiliar sensation, a gentle, persistent

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