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High-intensity interval training is great for you—but it won't keep you from aging

Hot take: cellular-level studies are not the whole picture
HIIT exercise

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Exercise is hard. That should go without saying, but it’s worth acknowledging. It’s difficult enough to instill a new habit without all the things that make exercise uniquely unpleasant at first. You generally have to go to a crowded place full of cranky strangers, share equipment in close quarters, and sweat and shower alongside them. But on top of that, oh yeah, it’s hard. A lot of the movements are weird and awkward for newcomers. Maybe you have to stick your butt up in the air, or wiggle around like a wet noodle in overpriced, stretchy clothing. It's not surprising that so few people stick to a regular workout regimen, because to some degree, if it’s not hard, you’re

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