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Uber Did What!?

A field guide to the company's ongoing PR nightmare
Source: Screenshot from the Uber app

A lot of people seem to hate Uber. But the paradoxical thing about the ride-sharing giant’s notoriety is that it’s both unfair and totally justified.

Taxi companies have long railed against Uber for disrupting their industry—but people flocked to ride-sharing for its convenience and reliability. (In other words, taxis were dominating a sector that was theirs to lose.) Misinformation has, at times, cemented the company’s bad reputation.

Then again, Uber has messed up—deeply and repeatedly—for years now. Even for a company that’s infamously scandalous, 2017 has been a banner year. Which means that, these days, every new revelation seems like more bad news for Uber—even when it’s maybe not so straightforward.

The controversies have been coming at such a regular clip this year that it’s almost comical—to some observers, anyway. Clickhole, the parody news site, published this joke headline last week: “Getting Out Ahead Of This One: Uber Has Apologized In Advance If Anyone Finds Out About Something Called ‘Project Judas.’”(Uber has been a frequent target of satire in the past: “New Uber Update Allows Users To File Lawsuit Against Company Directly In App,” The Onion joked in 2016.)

What’s really happening at Uber, however, often seems just as absurd. Here’s the latest:

April 23

Yet another stunning example of Uber

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