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to get stronger and more fit. Sure, it’s beach season, and who doesn’t want to feel more confident in a bathing suit? But that’s just the tip of the benefits iceberg. For yogis, building physical strength translates

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Yoga Journal1 min read
Healing Stones
1 Soak worries away with So Posh Beauty’s Amethyst Gem-Stone Bath Crystals. Its mineral-rich Dead Sea salt granules nourish skin, while the soothing aroma of dried lavender complements amethyst’s powers to boost awareness and ease anxiety ($32, sopos
Yoga Journal7 min read
A Home Practice to Cultivate Contentment
WHEN LIFE EBBS AND FLOWS, it can be challenging to stay connected to ourselves—particularly if we’re tempted to ignore or escape the negative feelings that can come with change and upheaval. Yet staying with all of our musings and physical sensations
Yoga Journal2 min read
Let’s Be Honest
We can all get so self-obsessed. I used to be in my own bubble, really worried about what others thought of me. Sometimes it takes the action of doing something like seva (selfless service) to get out of that self-obsession. My Nonnie showed me that.