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Source: “The country’s more divided now than it was before,” says this month’s cover teacher, Tiffany Russo (see “Good to the Core,” page 66). “But the more we divide, the wider the divide’s going to be. We need to find a way to make everyone feel loved, share a smile, share kindness.” 

CARIN GORRELL In your YogaWorks bio under “Why I practice,” you say: “To reconnect with my most truest me.” Who is your “most truest” you?

I’m this bright-eyed, playful, cheery girl who just wants to explore life; I’m constantly curious, always wanting to learn. But at the same time, there’s got to

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How to Move From Supta Padangusthasana to Ardha Chandra Chapasana
Supta = Reclining · Pada = Foot Angusta = Big toe · Asana = Pose Reclining Hand-to-Big Toe Pose BENEFITS Safely opens the hamstrings and releases the lower back when performed with a healthy lumbar curve 1 Lie on your back with your legs together, fe
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Get to Know … Your IT Band
THE ILIOTIBIAL (IT) BAND may not be top of mind for most yogis. After all, the thick fascial tissue (similar to a tendon) isn’t typically aggravated by yoga alone. But if you love jump backs, or if you practice yoga to help balance a fitness regimen
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