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We are one

Source: “The country’s more divided now than it was before,” says this month’s cover teacher, Tiffany Russo (see “Good to the Core,” page 66). “But the more we divide, the wider the divide’s going to be. We need to find a way to make everyone feel loved, share a smile, share kindness.” 

CARIN GORRELL In your YogaWorks bio under “Why I practice,” you say: “To reconnect with my most truest me.” Who is your “most truest” you?

I’m this bright-eyed, playful, cheery girl who just wants to explore life; I’m constantly curious, always wanting to learn. But at the same time, there’s got to

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Elemental Gifts
JUST AS BALANCING YOUR doshas in Ayurveda can improve your health, having the right mix of the five elements— ether, air, fire, water, and earth—in your home can elevate how you live, says Kathleen Cox, a renowned expert of Vastu (an Indian system of
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Utthita Parsvakonasana to Visvamitrasana
Utthita = Extended · Parsva = Side Kona = Angle · Asana = Pose Extended Side Angle Pose BENEFITS Strengthens your legs, knees, and ankles; stretches your hamstrings, adductors (groin muscles), lats (latissimus dorsi—back muscles that help stabilize y
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Sian Gordon
My dad woke up every day at 5 a.m. to meditate, pump his breath, and chant to Shiva. When I was very young, he brought me to my godfather Alan Finger’s classes at Yoga Zone in Los Angeles (the original YogaWorks). When Alan moved to New York City, he