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Big Laughs! Big Gainz!

Serious muscle doesn’t have to be totally serious. Enter Gainz, our new comedy video series starring BJ Gaddour. (That’s BJ above, doing his part to help build our office deck.) Shove a meat-and-bean burrito into a blender and call it a protein shake? No rules, man. Let other guys get

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Move the Chains
MARCH 21 MARCH 22 PHOTOGRAPHS BYGiacomo Fortunato FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY A football quirk: The game lasts about three and a half hours, but each play is a mere four seconds or so. Most of the time the players move slowly. In fact, they spend just 2
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Ask the Advisors
JOHN ELEFTERIADES, M.D., is founding director of the Aortic Institute at YaleÐNew Haven Hospital. I’m a 45-year-old guy with high cholesterol and a family history of heart disease, but I stay in shape. I had an EKG and it didn’t show any abnormalitie
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How a Song Brings Out Your Beast
Your outer ear funnels the song’s sound waves into your middle ear and then inner ear, where they vibrate the 200 microliters of fluid in your spiral-shaped cochlea. Tiny hair cells sense this motion and convert the vibrations into electrical signals