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6 Rules of Recovery

Getting stronger is a two-step process: 1. Lift; 2. Recover. We often focus on the first step and pay lip service to the second. Bad idea. “Every time you work out, you’re digging yourself a hole,” says John Rusin, D.P.T., a physical therapist who specializes in athletic performance and recovery. Recovery is refilling that hole

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The 10 Simple Rules of Gym Etiquette
This spotter thinks he’s a coach, but he kills your focus with all his brosplaining. And that’s useless, says MH fitness advisor David Jack, because lifters can’t handle complex info while they’re working hard. This guy’s too cool for school, so his focus wanders from ESPN to the woman on the treadmill. A note, dear spotter: Your treadmill crush isn’t worth a crushed trachea. A bad spotter grips the bar like it’s the leash on an unruly pit bull during your set. A good spot is easy, says Jonathan Mike, Ph.D., C.S.C.S.*D: Keep both hands near the center of the bar, one hand under and one hand ov
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The Girls Next Door
NAOMI PIERCEY SHE’S BACK! AND THIS TIME SHE BROUGHT FRIENDS... LI JUN LI ACTOR (CHICAGO PD); “CALL ME LILI” (LEE-LEE), VANCOUVER MARISSA GAINSBURGWOMEN’S HEALTH EDITOR, NYC We’ll be at her parents’ for the holiday. That means no sex, right? Todd, Lima, OH NAOMI: Not with that attitude! If you have a bedroom, not a couch, your chances are high. But of course it’ll be an old squeaky bed. MARISSA: So you move to the floor. Floor sex is the best. But use a pillow—rug burn’s not hot. NAOMI : You’re not hooking up for the romance. Focus on the fun part, the danger. MARISSA: Just say, “We’re going to
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Think Before You Post, and Other Rules
As Matt and Robin proved with their California-Canada romance, using social platforms can help maintain bonds, even when you’re a continent away from each other. “Social media facilitates connectiveness,” Hayes says. Don’t forget saucy uses of Snapchat. Online contact with former lovers puts sand in the gears of your current relationship. Have a chat about how much contact is too much. Maybe it’s a total ban, but . . . “If you say you’re not going to be bothered by exes, then don’t be bothered by exes,” says Hayes. This may feel irresistible. But diving down the rabbit hole of her online histo