Push it

20minute workout: plate push

complicated workout programming these days, there’s something to be said for simplicity — and nothing could be simpler than a single weight plate and a stretch of flat real estate. This workout moves quickly, hitting all your major muscle groups, building cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and explosive

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Reflections on an Era
“CARRYING OXYGEN AROUND HELPED ME FEEL LIKE I WAS PARTICIPATING IN SOMETHING BIGGER THAN MYSELF. IT WAS A POWERFUL TOOL.” The first time I saw Oxygen magazine was when it landed in my hands as a gift from Robert Kennedy. I had no idea who Bob was — I was a young schoolteacher, supporting my daughters while going through a divorce and I needed to lose weight to regain my health. I was teaching his daughter Chelsea in first grade, and we met on the school playground. Though I didn’t know it then, that was a life-changing moment for me. Oxygen was my fitness bible. I was 85 pounds overweight and
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Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend
Your calves are composed primarily of your gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, and they are responsible for plantar flexion at the ankle — i.e., getting you up on your tippy-toes. Unilateral exercises such as this one focus on one leg at a time, promoting both muscular and aesthetic balance while improving ankle stability and preventing injury. Stand on a short step with the heel of one foot of the edge and the ball of that foot squarely on top. Lift your other foot so that leg is supporting all your weight, and allow your heel to drop as low as it can, getting a good, controlled stretch in your
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Roll for the Flow
You know you should foam-roll, but when should you do it — before or after training? According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, both are important. Researchers measured the arterial blood flow in the lateral thigh and found that there was a measurable increase both immediately after rolling and 30 minutes later. Take-away tip: Roll for three to five minutes before training to push blood and oxygen into your muscles and again afterward to deliver nutrients and flush toxins to assist with recovery. Exercise for one minute … to strengthen bones. Scientists in the U.K. found t