Inside out

Chubby. Big-boned. Thick. These are the adjectives Queing Jones used to describe herself growing up, finally settling on “obese” as her ultimate physical descriptor as she entered her 30s and 40s. A steady diet of fast food and disappointment meant the slow creep of the scale, until Jones maxed out at 246 pounds.

Eating was a way of coping for me, and I used food as a balm,”

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Fighting Fit
Got 20 minutes and a body? That’s all you need to do this high-octane workout designed by Beachbody’s Core de Force cocreators Jericho McMatthews, NASM, ACE, and Joel Freeman, NASM (beachbody.com). “This program combines MMA-style moves with fun and challenging HIIT/conditioning spikes using a rounds structure inspired by boxing,” says McMatthews (who is also our model for this workout). “In about 20 minutes, you’ll get an awesome full-body workout that burns fat and strengthens your whole body,” Freeman adds. “It requires zero equipment, so anyone can do it regardless of fitness level.” Do th
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Quick-Fire Q&A With Jessie Graff
Oxygen:What sports did you play growing up? JG: I did gymnastics for years, and I was a pole vaulter in college. I also did a lot of martial arts and have a black belt in taekwondo. Basically, I love flipping! O:How did you partner with Under Armour? JG: I went to an open audition on LA Casting. The message they posted about the job was about empowering women, and that spoke to me. So I went, and the casting director already knew who I was, and after about a month, I was signed on. I am also sponsored by V-Up, a nutrition bar that has high protein, high fiber and really low sugar — and no arti
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10-Minute Core Trim
Savvy exercisers know that achieving a six-pack requires a combination of ab-centric resistance training and an intensive cardio program (as well as a clean diet). But can you blend cardio and strength work together in the interest of effciency? Samantha Carmean, CSCS, SFG, PN, a Tier X coach with Equinox in New York City, says yes. “I came up with an effective solution that allows for actual muscle growth while helping you attain that ‘six-pack’ look,” Carmean says. Each move in this five-move circuit is done for a two-minute interval, which is parsed out into four rounds of 20 seconds of wor