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Forge Real Fitness with Top E-Trainers

They all look ripped. Don’t commit to an e-trainer based on looks alone. Ask about his or her education and client success stories.


Practice puts brains in your muscles. —Sam Snead

Your smartphone delivers everything from car rides to pizza. Maybe it’s time

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SECTION 09 PAGE 21 ORU KAYAK BEACH LT fold this 25-pound craft into its carry pack, hike to the water, and paddle on. $1,299, CAMILA ON FITNESS “ Invest in a trainer. You see the progress so quickly, and you push yourself in new ways.” K
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True Grips
Use a mixed grip to handle heavy loads. On lighter sets, use a conventional doubleoverhand grip. But on your heaviest sets, use a mixed grip—one palm facing you and the other facing away. This keeps the barbell more secure throughout the move. Each s
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Carve Runestone-Hard Abs
NEEDS: A TOWEL, YOUR FLOOR MOVES: DO EACH MOVE FOR 30 SECONDS; THEN REST FOR 1 5 SECONDS. DO 4 ROUNDS. Assume a plank position, your toes on the towel. Using your forearms, push your body back as far as you can, sliding the towel along. Return to the