race to reduce risk

Source: Go Boulder

Just one alcoholic drink a day might raise premenopausal women’s risk for breast cancer by 5 percent (9 percent for women postmenopause), according to a recent study. But the researchers also noted that vigorous

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New Year, New Booty
Take an overhand or alternating grip on a barbell and stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes turned out. Keeping a soft bend in your knees and a flat back, hinge at the hip and push your glutes back, lowering the bar along the front of your legs. When you reach midshin, pause, then reverse the move and rise back to the start. Squeeze your glutes hard, then repeat. Amanda’s Training Tip: “In this position, you have a wide, stable base, so don’t be afraid to go heavy. Between reps, thrust your hips forward and really squeeze your glutes.” Stand with your feet a few inches apa
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Happy Birthday, Oxygen!
When I was a teenager, the first fitness magazines I picked up were really bodybuilding magazines geared toward men. The other titles on the market at the time were filled with skinny girls holding pink dumbbells that rarely weighed more than a pound or two. Even back then, that image of fitness didn’t appeal to me. Instead, I read the men’s magazines from cover to cover and ripped out workouts to take to the gym. Just a few years before then, in 1974, Robert Kennedy quit his job teaching art and English and, using every dollar he had — $480 to be exact — launched MuscleMag International, whic
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The World Is Her Gym
ome people are just born with a competitive streak embedded in their DNA — and Ashley Kaltwasser is proof of that. Though she names gymnastics as her first love, it was to track and field that really got Kaltwasser’s blood pumping. “I loved the discipline of the sport,” she says. “It taught me to work hard and got me into incredible shape.” She was rewarded with a scholarship to the University of Akron to run the 400-meter hurdles. But after college, she had nothing to train for and missed being competitive. In fact, she felt downright empty — until she discovered the NPC Bikini Division. “Aft