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Cancer is way more likely to kill you if you rely on 'natural' therapies

Chemotherapy is brutal, but crucial.
operating room with doctors

The best treatment usually isn't the easiest.


There's a decent chance you'll get some kind of cancer at some point. If you’re a man, your odds are one in two. If you’re a woman, one in three. Your risk of dying from cancer is only slightly lower: one in four and one in five, respectively.

This is a scary thought. A cancer diagnosis often means intense, brutal therapies are on the horizon. That’s a tough forecast for even the-averse people, so it's not surprising that many look for other options. Could a juice cleanse purge the body of harmful toxins and starve cancer cells? Perhaps you've heard anecdotes about a friend-of-a-friend outliving her prognosis using only . Faced with the reality of chemotherapy—spending hours pumping actual poison into your veins—that special anti-cancer diet you've read about online might start to look downright logical.

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