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Eileen Myles, the Books in My Life: From Little Women to Angela Carter

Eileen Myles’ Afterglow is available now from Grove Atlantic.

What was the first book you fell in love with?
Little Women: because there was both a female writer, Jo, in it and there was a rich boy, Laurie, I longed to be.

Name a classic you feel guilty about never having read?
I have no such guilt.

What’s the book you reread the most?
Love by Angela Carter. It’s a novella so it’s short and it’s exquisite, trippy, moody, erotic and dark.

Is there a book you wish you had written?
I don’t really wish I had written other people’s books.

What’s the new book you’re most looking forward to?
I mean I just heard about a newly translated novel by Halldor Laxness, Wayward Heroes, that came out in 2016 but I didn’t know it existed so it is new to me. I’ve ordered it.

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