Trump turns his back on Pakistan, giving China an opportunity

AFTER ONE YEAR IN THE WHITE HOUSE, President Trump has insulted a wide variety of countries and their governments. But as a debate rages over which form of profanity he used to describe Haiti and sub-Saharan Africa, let’s return to the President’s very first

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A New Path Forward
A YEAR AGO, WE AT TIME STARTED TALKING about the ways we’ve fallen short. Soon after George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, staffers from across the organization began sharing painful memories of being mistreated in our workplace and demanding cha
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The Five People You Meet In A Pandemic
I DID NOT START WALKING AROUND MY NEIGHBORHOOD TO meet people. I went outside for the same reason Pleistocene-era humans did: air, food, and cave fever. But I also did not start walking around my neighborhood to not meet people. I understood the nece
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A Catastrophe Waiting To Happen
NOBODY KNOWS THE FSO SAFER LIKE AHMED KULAIB. The year he joined the Hunt Oil Co. as a loading master back in 1988 was the same year the Dallas-based oil producer installed a former oil tanker it had just converted into a floating oil storage and off