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Hoping American values will outshine the confusing Trump era, While the West focuses elsewhere, Africa should take advantage, Britain hopes to hedge its way out of ‘Brexit’, The world should awaken to Romanian corruption, Beware of bitcoin

The Gleaner / Kingston, JamaicaHoping American values will outshine the confusing Trump era

“In the era of Donald Trump, the world is confused about what America stands for and with whom it stands...,” states an editorial. “That is why people’s attitude [about the Feb. 7] visit to Jamaica by Rex Tillerson is so paradoxical. On the one hand, the stop by the secretary of state is perceived

The New Times / Kigali, RwandaWhile the West is focused elsewhere, Africa should take advantageThe Tehran Times / Tehran, IranBritain hopes to hedge its way out of ‘Brexit’EUObserver / BrusselsThe world should wake up to Romanian corruptionSouth China Morning Post / Hong KongBlockchain will likely transform banking, but beware bitcoin

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