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Creative presentation Show your photos as a book


Presenting images in book form adds a layer of creativity to the process that can help you to stand out. Unlike an amateur photo album-style of photo book, you can weave a narrative

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The winner is… Nikon Z 7
f we had to pick just one camera from this group, it would be the Nikon Z 7; but let’s turn back a few pages and start at the beginning. In the Canon 6D Mk II vs RP contest, the Canon 6D Mk II SLR is a clear winner. It has great handling and a contro
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I thought I’d seen it all by now, but the postman’s path to Culnacraig passes over some of the steepest ground I’ve yet encountered. If there wasn’t a path bidding me to keep going, I’d have turned back. I later found out there have been several resc
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Memory Cards
Raw files use lossless compression or are uncompressed. This means that you can squeeze far fewer of the bigger files onto a memory card than you can with JPEGs. But as it’s really not worth compromising on quality to get more images on a card; large