Future of fitness Meet 5 women who’ve got the fit factor

Karey Northington

Gilbert, Arizona

Stats: 35 • 132 lb • 5’6”

Gig: Business owner

Build up: Karey Northington has been an athlete since she was young — she was a soccer player and medaled as a track athlete in the state championship — but she immersed herself in bodybuilding to help build back her self-esteem that was shattered in adulthood. She is now a gym owner with her husband and is also an IFBB Bikini pro.

Although she is a fan of frozen yogurt and Oreo cookies, she saves those treats for the weekend. During the week, her diet stays very clean. “I prep on Sundays for the week. My go-to foods to prep are ground turkey, grilled chicken and steak, roasted sweet potatoes, hard-boiled eggs

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