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FOR SUCH A SIMPLE, INNATELY HUMAN MOVEMENT, running can be intimidating, even for fit women. Just the idea of lacing up may trigger feelings of inferiority. (Raise your hand if you still remember the very specific trauma of struggling through the tim
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Nutrition On Pointe
growing up in Zimbabwe, Gidget Migliaccio and her four siblings were no strangers to poverty. “I know what it feels like to lay curled up in a ball with hunger pains, to suck on mud to ease those pains, to cut my hair because we had no shampoo, to ow
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Untangling Nutrition
as the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this is where most people falter. Even the most dedicated athlete who trains consistently and who regularly kills it in the gym, box or studio can quickly undo all that sweat equity when