Probiotics are the live bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial to the health of your digestive system and

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My Obsessed-With List
I am a ketchup freak, but unfortuantely, it is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to added dietary sodium and sugar in my diet. Fortunately, this product saves me from myself: It tastes fresh and clean and contains only 1 gram of natural suga
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Future Of Fitness
By Michael Berg, NSCA-CPT Think you have what it takes? Send your story to futureoffitness@oxygenmag.com. Atlanta Stats: 29 • 144 lb • 5’6 ¾” Gig: Health and wellness entrepreneur and personal trainer Fight for Her Life: At age 17, Courtney McWaine w
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Culture Club
By Steve Downs, CSCS there is an old adage that states, “You are what you eat.” But these words of wisdom aren’t entirely accurate. In reality, you are only as good as your digestive system. This realization is what fuels the probiotic industry that