>UNLIKE CERTAINother operating systems, macOS is built extremely efficiently and does not need to be “defragmented” to keep ticking over nicely.

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My Mac Is Now Unresponsive After A Silent Update
Almost certainly not. Open About This Mac at the top of the Apple menu, and click on the System Report button to open System Information. Select Installations at the left, then click twice on the header of the Install Date column. That lists installa
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The Shift
FOR JUST ABOUT the entire life of the iPhone, there’s been some feature that nerds on the internet consider to be essential for inclusion in the next model, otherwise it should be considered behind the times and unbuyable, except for rubes who don’t
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Customize Control Center
THE MENU BAR at the top of the Mac screen has been a fixture of the macOS for decades. It provides a convenient set of tools in the top–right corner of the screen, allowing you to quickly access and control key features on your Mac such as Wi-Fi sett