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Spend It Or Save It?
Last issue we revealed Apple’s new hardware lineup for early 2019. This time round we’ve taken all those tantalizing new products — 27–inch iMac, 21.5–inch iMac, iPad Air, iPad Mini and the 2nd generation AirPods — and given them a thorough testing,
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Syncing Photos Without Tears
Some people find syncing photos between iOS devices and their Mac results in many duplicates appearing on those devices. It’s bad enough wading through thousands of images on one system, but the prospect of doing so on two or more is daunting. If you
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I Can’t Revert After A Quick Action Change. Is There A Fix?
macOS Mojave’s Quick Actions, and Automator workflows more generally, are best when they don’t irreversibly change file content. They share the problem that they’re one–off lightweight actions that don’t inherently offer any ability to undo actions,