The Rake


Encantado, amigos,” as goes the traditional Argentine greeting. De Montague is ensconced on the terrace of the estancia belonging to his dear friend Ernesto Gutiérrez, the singular tycoon and polo buff. And today’s genuflections pertain to the question, How is it that the already mightily minted go on to make pile after steaming titular pile of fresh lucre? Well, his Darwinian inclination is that, as though following a paradigm of financial natural selection, the richest among us grow richer through cunning, guile and sensational timing. Further, by using the lethal combination of their precocious intelligence — usually diminished in later generations due to their penchant for reproducing with hot but largely vapid supermodels — with their and venerable Texan oilman Alan Meeker and De Montague’s Adolfo Cambiaso, the greatest man ever to don white trousers and lift a mallet, they’ve introduced the polo world to cloning and there is no going back. With their company Crestview Genetics, Meeker, Gutiérrez and Cambiaso have become the world leaders in cloning of horses.

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