HIIT for your head

Group Dynamic

it might be time to run with the pack: In a 12-week study published in group exercise participants showed significant improvements in all three quality-of-life measurements—mental (12.8 percent), physical (24.8 percent) and emotional (26 percent)—and reported a 26.2

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Cooking Methods
Stewing slow-cooks food in a liquid, allowing flavors to blend together while tenderizing the meat or other protein and preserving the nutrients. True, stewing takes a little longer and the texture might be softer than you’re used to, but the ingredi
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Research Says
You know you shouldn’t grocery shop when you’re hangry, since inevitably you’ll come home with an armload of cookies and chips. But according to new research from the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom, being hungry not only affects your food
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Maximize Every Minute
IMPLEMENT THESE 10 EASY TIPS TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR WORKOUT. Using a weight that is heavy enough to induce fatigue by the 12th rep is the sweet spot when it comes to time optimization. In this range, you’re recruiting more muscle fibers, making the