History of War


Source:   An engraving showing American patriots parading a captured Loyalist into a town past onlookers, 1776  

The American War of Independence bore many of the hallmarks of a civil war. Many Americans opposed the idea of separating from Great Britain and remained loyal to King George III. A large, but never large enough, number of these Loyalists were

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French Officer’s Coat
In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, France was the dominant European power and Louis XIV was the continent’s most powerful absolute monarch. Known as the “Sun King”, Louis’ hegemony over his rivals was in large part due to the reformed French
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The National Trust of Scotland has unearthed the first historic finds from a 1719 battlefield The Battle of Glenshiel was the largest engagement of the 1719 Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland. A force of over 1,000 Jacobites, including a significant co
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When The Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919 the world was still spinning in a postwar stupor. It had taken over half a year of Allied negotiations for the settlement to be fulfilled, entering completion some seven months after the gunfir