History of War


AEthelstan (left) presents a book to Saint Cuthbert, from an illustration of the Venerable Bede’s Life of Saint Cuthbert. This rare image is the earliest surviving portrait of an

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April 1940
Between April and May 1940, nearly 22,000 Polish military prisoners of war and civilians were executed by the Soviet Union’s People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (NKVD). Among the victims were thousands of Polish Army officers, members of the in
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Boleslaw I Of Poland
Boleslaw I of Poland wears a conical helmet and a long-sleeved mail hauberk underneath his crimson cloak. His weapons are a sword carried in a leather-covered wooden scabbard, a long-bladed spear and an iron axe. When mounted his small round shield i
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Although Nazi Germany’s borders had been infiltrated prior to March 1945, the first significant thrust into the Fatherland came with Operations Plunder and Varsity. Masterminded by Field Marshal Montgomery, this offensive would resemble the ill-fated