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I’m not an elite athlete. I’m just a guy on the precipice of middle age who enjoys running, biking, soccer, and tennis. If I can push myself to my physical limit a couple of times a week and still have the energy to crawl around with my daughter, then I’m satisfied.

That makes me a useful filter. The pros have unlimited budgets and few demands on their waking hours beyond making themselves fitter. If you want to spend thousands—or tens of thousands—to sleep in an oxygen pod wearing infrared pajamas, then knock

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MEN’S HEALTH O- THE VOORHES MONTH 04.20 A+ Antwan Piper was at dinner with colleagues on a work trip in Oklahoma when his wife, Alexis, called from back home in Texas. He figured he would call her back later, but then she called again. On the third c
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Q. Coffee always makes me work out harder, but I know it dehydrates me, too. So what do I do? —ALAN, Kansas City, MO A. It’s less about dehydration and more about timing. Studies show that you’d have to slam down about four cups of coffee quickly to
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Bedtime, All the Time
“BEDTIME” for my two kids isn’t actually a time. It’s more like a long window. Like Irishman long. For my wife and me, directors of this spectacle, the process starts around 5:45 p.m. and can last till 9:45 p.m. What could possibly take four hours, y