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What exactly is ISO?

The misnaming of the photographic triangle to the exposure triangle is possibly responsible for the incorrect belief that ISO is a part of exposure

SO, or film speed, has unfortunately become one of the most misunderstood parts of photography. There are two fundamental misunderstandings embedded in the collective consciousness that are routinely stated as fact online and even in books. I

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Video Recording
The CamRanger 2’s use isn’t limited to shooting stills. It can be used to wirelessly stream a video feed to iOS and Android devices, or a computer, and the video icon between the live view and AF/MF icons can be tapped to enter the camera’s video mod
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DJI has improved each generation of its Air drone significantly and the Air 2S makes a worthwhile upgrade on the Mavic Air 2. The Air 2S is both fun and rewarding to fly and while not matching a good DSLR or mirrorless camera, its results are beyond
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Amateur Photographer
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