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What exactly is ISO?

The misnaming of the photographic triangle to the exposure triangle is possibly responsible for the incorrect belief that ISO is a part of exposure

SO, or film speed, has unfortunately become one of the most misunderstood parts of photography. There are two fundamental misunderstandings embedded in the collective consciousness that are routinely stated as fact online and even in books. I

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Camera Club Competition
In this year’s APOY, entrants can win points for their camera clubs – all you need to do is select your club from the dropdown menu when you upload your images. Whatever points you are awarded are then added to your club’s overall tally. That’s what
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Location Exploration
Are you making the same mistakes year after year? Are you creating a portfolio of acceptable rather than inspiring images? Are you finding it hard to properly tune in, by exploring your locations and getting the very best images? Out in the field, ph
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David’s Kit
Since making the move to digital photography, David has settled on a set-up that includes a Sony A7R Mark IV, which he uses in conjunction with a Mirex adapter that provides a tilt function. This gives him far more control over depth of field than a