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When people say that football is the best, or only, way to teach toughness, they’re mistakenly equating physical punishment with mental fortitude.

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Becoming Mr. Brightside
HUMANS ARE HARDWIRED for negativity. We dwell on the bad. We assume the worst. We’re way more likely to remember that one time our boss told us we were sloppy than the ten times she told us we were great. And as much as we try to look on the bright s
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The 9 Biggest Lies In Wellness
THE CLAIM: Sitting all day can kill you (or, at the very least, pile on the pounds); as a result, every office has at least one person with a mild standingdesk superiority complex. THE TRUTH: Standing won’t burn more calories. “The difference in meta
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The bike physically rises and lowers to create ascents and descents, making this the closest you can get to the feel of true road riding. Pair it with the Zwift app to ride classic climbs and race your friends. $3,500; Made with ultr