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Dogs aren't especially smart, but they have a particular set of skills

Yes, you are a good dog!
a corgi catches a frisbee but looks kind of silly doing it

Just because they're not especially bright doesn't mean they're not special.

It’s October, and it’s Nobel season, . Unlike recipients James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo, most of us are unlikely to accept such an award in Stockholm. Neither are our beloved pet dogs, even though owners will swear their four-legged companions are geniuses. Sure, dogs are smart—at least when it comes to working with humans. But pigs, for instance, . That’s the contention of a out today in the journal , which asks, “in what sense are

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String Theory
THE CHEAP YO-YOS OF YOUR youth spun simple physics into fun. Fling down the plastic body, then snap it back up with a gentle tug on the string. Or let it sleep and roll along the floor to “walk the dog” before calling it home. Competition-grade model