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ITH HIS SUN IN FLAMBOYANT Sagittarius and a moon in sober Capricorn, star Simon Helberg combines the outrageous personality of a freedom-loving explorer with the ambition and drive of a business tycoon. He is funny and philosophical, flippant and profound, a romantic maverick and a serious traditionalist. Inspirational Neptune fused with his sun makes him a dreamer and a visionary. Red-hot Mars in single-minded Capricorn gives him the motivation of a high-ranking general for manifesting those dreams. With lucky Jupiter visiting his career zone in 2018, Helberg’s career will flourish, but overall it will be a relatively mellow period. Saturn enters

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Phillipa Soo’s Brooklyn
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Flights of Fancy
IT WASN’T ALL THAT LONG ago when flying was a special experience, anticipated by travelers who enjoyed what was, in hindsight, a golden age of aviation. Thanks to extensive federal regulation of fares and flight routes, airlines competed on service a