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1560–1609 ENGLISH ARMY

In a period where English military glory was reserved almost exclusively for the navy, Vere stood out as one of the finest soldiers of his day. Having made an uncertain start to his career under the hapless Earl of Leicester, he quickly carved out a formidable reputation, earning a knighthood in 1588. Elizabeth’s strategy aimed to maintain the balance of power in Europe, and English forces fought alongside those of Maurice of Nassau in support of Dutch independence. It was a time of change on the battlefield (some historians see events of the period

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Normandy And The ‘Special Relationship’
D-Day and the Battle of Normandy not only paved the way for the liberation of Western Europe but was also critical in deepening the ties between the United States and Great Britain. The Allied success in France and beyond would not have been possible
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Hitler’s Vengeance
The Nazi “vengeance weapon” offensive of 1944-45 aimed to utterly demoralise the British population, particularly in London and the south east (and later the newly liberated Belgian city of Antwerp). Alongside the loss of lives and physical destructi
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In The Ranks
The Latin American wars of independence took place between 1810 and 1825. With the Spanish Empire weakened by Napoleon’s quest to dominate Europe, the colonies of Venezuela and Nueva Granada were seized by juntas led by idealistic young men. Foremost