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was a student in the MFA program infiction at the University of Oregon, she had trouble finding a place for her type of writing. “My work was influenced by visual artists, filmmakers, and theater,” she says, “but neither the faculty nor my fellow students seemed interested in Sophie Calle, Maya Deren, or Elizabeth LeCompte.” This sparked a question in Pearson: If as a young writer she wanted to create multidisciplinary literature but could find no structureself-censorship writers were inflicting on themselves,” she says. She decided to create a space to encourage and publish work that embraced both literary and visual work.

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Leave the World Behind
“Television is idiotic.” Clay turned it off. He’d rather play with his phone. He dropped some ice in a glass. “You want a drink?” Amanda shook her head. “I’m done.” She didn’t yet quite know which switch controlled which light. She flicked one, and t
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THE LITANY OF CRISES AND CONCERNS THAT ANYONE WITH an iota of social, political, and environmental awareness is coping with these days needs no repeating here. It is delivered daily through our televisions, phones, radios, newspapers, and computers.
Poets & WritersLeitura de 14 minsDiscrimination & Race Relations
The Confounding Insistence On Innocence
THE DEBUT story collection by Danielle Evans, Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, was published in 2010, when the author was just twenty-six years old. Rightly heralded as a significant new voice in American short fiction, Evans was selected a y