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The New Editor of the Paris Review

In April, Emily Nemens, then the coeditor of the in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was named the new editor of the . Nemens started the new position at the ’s New York City office in June and succeeds Lorin Stein, who resigned in December 2017 amid allegations of sexual misconduct toward female staffers and writers. Nemens takes over a storied publication that is much more than and her approach to editing.

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THE LITANY OF CRISES AND CONCERNS THAT ANYONE WITH an iota of social, political, and environmental awareness is coping with these days needs no repeating here. It is delivered daily through our televisions, phones, radios, newspapers, and computers.
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Leave the World Behind
“Television is idiotic.” Clay turned it off. He’d rather play with his phone. He dropped some ice in a glass. “You want a drink?” Amanda shook her head. “I’m done.” She didn’t yet quite know which switch controlled which light. She flicked one, and t
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A prize of $1,000 and publication by University of Nebraska Press is given annually for a debut poetry collection by a poet who was born in Africa, is an African national or resident, or whose parents are African. The prize is cosponsored by Prairie