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Areas of interest: Fiction, both commercial and literary as well as crime; narrative nonfiction; biography; self-help

Representative clients: Meena Alexander, Nancy Colier, Jane Haseldine, Annie England Noblin, Hindol Sengupta, Kate Stewart, Ernest Thompson, Ovidia Yu

a short bio, query letter, brief synopsis, chapter breakdown, and first three chapters of your work. For nonfiction submissions please include a proposal that contains the above material as.

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We Need Your Support
What a difference a year makes. A year ago we wrote on this page about our ambitious plans for 2020, our fiftieth anniversary year. We laid out our commitment to empowering writers and strengthening literary communities as well as our plan to launch
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Daniel Becker
Age: 71. Residence: Charlottesville, Virginia. Book: 2nd Chance (New Issues Poetry Prize, New Issues Poetry & Prose, October 2020), a collect ion of poems. Agent: None. Editor: Nancy Eimers. I AM working on a long ruminative poem, like several in 2nd
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A Chicago Press for the People
On September 24, 2009, sixteen-year-old student Derrion Albert was beaten to death outside of Christian Fenger Academy High School, on the South Side of Chicago, in broad daylight. Though there were many witnesses, one of whom captured the attack on