The Rake



If there is another breed of dog my size — roughly that of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi — with as menacing a moniker as the ‘Vikingarnas Hund’, I’ve yet to meet it. It is a name surely meant to be emblazoned, in

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A Dog Of War
by domhnall of shantamon as told to nick scott The role of dogs in warfare — like that of mathematics, tobacco and women — is blithely overlooked. Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Sarmatians, Slavs and Britons have all enlisted four-legged talent to thei
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As well as The Rake, Nick — a historian and author and surely London’s most prominent luxury commentator — writes for periodicals including How To Spend It, Financial Times, The Independent, Vanity Fair and The Daily Telegraph. Among his many publish
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Interior Superior
by nick foulkes photography kim lang If Jeremy Hackett did not exist, the Japanese would have to invent him. In the land of the Chrysanthemum Throne, they have a habit of taking things to serious extremes; after all, they used to revere their emperor