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UNDER NEW EDITOR-IN-CHIEF STEPHANIE Mehta, Fast Company has been running on all cylinders in 2018. And I couldn’t be more proud to be her partner atop this brand, the only media title dedicated fully to the beat of innovation.

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46. For Making The Ordinary Extraordinary
If the idea of a smart coffee cup sounds silly to you, you probably haven’t tried the Ember Ceramic Mug. Envisioned by the San Francisco design studio Ammunition, it has a built-in heater to keep coffee warm for hours, but otherwise looks and feels l
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41. For Designing A Less Wasteful Fashion Industry
An estimated 15% of all clothes and shoes churned out daily in the $3 trillion global fashion industry go unsold and are dumped in landfills or—worse—incinerated. “Fashion is driven by guess-work months before something is sold in a store,” says Hal
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23. For Knowing How To Chill
You’ve probably eaten something today that was shipped by Lineage Logistics. About 90% of the food Americans consume requires refrigeration at some point during transport, and Lineage provides that service for some 3,000 customers, including food gia