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d&b Soundscape

d&b’s Soundscape tackles the 3D mixing and room enhancement challenges with two optional software packages: En-Scene (for 3D object-based sound placement) and En-Space (for acoustic manipulation and enhancement). Works with

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Skills To Pay The Bills
With sole traders making up a whopping 61 percent of Australian businesses, it’s little wonder that resources, information and assistance for small enterprises are abundant. Plug ‘small business podcast’ into a search engine and you’ll be overwhelmed
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My Analogue ‘DAW’
Let’s back up a bit… Why bother going down the ‘all analogue’ road at all? For years I’ve been hearing comments from veteran engineers and producers saying that a major problem with the digital recording process is the inexhaustible choice it offers
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General News
$720 | Audient’s Nero is a desktop monitor controller offering a comprehensive range of I/O, console-style monitor control, an assignable sub output, ‘Digital Attenuation Volume Matching’ and more. Four stereo analogue inputs, includi