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Sandra Knapp is a merit researcher and head of the Plants Division at the Natural History Museum, London, making her an authority on all things flora. Her book includes 36 drawings printed on high-quality paper.

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Refined Elegance
at first glance, the renovation and extension of this St Kilda East home is deceptively straightforward. However, its genius lies in this perceived simplicity. Each and every detail was considered, restrained and measured. From the finishes to the fi
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Origami Treehouse
HOUSE Tess & Michael’s House LOCATION Eden Hills, SA DATE COMPLETED 2017 FINAL COST $320,000 Tess Pritchard had a dream; a dream to purchase a patch of paradise and design her own home to live in with her husband, two dogs and any potential futu
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Start Fresh
Have you outgrown your home? Is it shabby and no longer suiting your needs? Renovating your existing digs, selling up and buying, or building elsewhere are three possible solutions to these common housing conundrums, but there’s a fourth option that’