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■ Newly released by is a 4mm scale waterslide transfer pack for GB Railfreight’s latest ‘celebrity’, No. 66783 in its red Biffa livery. Two versions of the pack are available, one with nameplates (66783-2, £12.90).

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Rail ExpressLeitura de 1 mins
Shed Talk
Correct to September 27, 2020 43050 SBXL-COTS 43060 SBXL-COTS 43076 NL/EMPC-HQ/MBDL 43089 NL/EMPC-HQ/ICHP 66018 WQ/WFMS-TO/WBAE 66019 WQ/WFMS-TO/WBAR 66030 WQ/WFMS-TO/WBRT 66041 TO/WBAR-WQ/WFMS-TO/WBAR 66060 WQ/WFMS-TO/WBRT 66063 WQ/WFMS-TO/WBAE 660
Rail ExpressLeitura de 11 mins
EE Type 1s Nos. 20007+20142 kept the flag flying for the class on September 3 when forming a Loram training run to Devon, heading south as the 0Z16/09.45 Derby RTC-Plymouth the pair returned to base the following day. September 4 also found No. 20096
Rail ExpressLeitura de 1 mins
Cross-Border Timetable Revised
A NEW timetable for the Belfast Lanyon Place to Dublin Connolly ‘Enterprise’ service was introduced on August 31, that is valid through to December 12. The service has returned to pre Covid-19 service levels with eight through-trains in each directio