Twenty-nine Lambrettas started the journey and despite several repairs along the way, twenty-nine finished.

Between the riders, more than £3000 was raised for charity.

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Your Number’s Up
In case you missed our previous warnings on this subject, here is a refresher! The DVLA has recently published notice of several changes to the regulations regarding the display of vehicle registrations in the UK, all of which have the potential to c
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Owner Details
Name: Stephen King. Job: HGV/Tarmac. Scooter club: Porn Stars SC. First interest in scooters: Sometime around 1979. I was sitting in a cafe when the Quadrophenia premiere was on and loads of scooters turned up. First scooter: Lambretta GP225. Fa
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Basket Case
I apologise for any offence caused to ardent Vespisti but much as I love my PX its clutch is awful, and it’s not alone. Thanks to an antiquated design and some rather vague manufacturing tolerances, many PX clutches act more as an ‘on-off’ switch tha