Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

Cleaning bearings

There’s actually no justified reason for changing bearings if there’s nothing wrong with them. The fact that many owners simply knock

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Whit’s Whispers And Moans!
James Whitham – multiple British motorcycle racing champ on why things were better back then! Right, all modern sports bikes on the road today are so good they are better than anyone can BE on the road so you can’t ride them to their potential with
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Hubert Auriol: Rally Legend…
Hubert Auriol – a three-time winner of the Dakar Rally as well as the first time-winner of the event on both two and four wheels – passed away in January. Born in Ethiopia on June 7, 1952, the Frenchman was to be a force to be reckoned with during th
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I Own Them: Steve Burgess
Steve Burgess, 66, is a graphic designer from Epsom in Surrey, and he’s the lucky owner of these two fine machines. He’s been riding since 1974, passed his test in 1977, and has had loads of bikes over the years, from a Suzuki K10 in 1974 through to