Balance your brain

Trail runners we are indeed a rare species and we are a bit insane in the membrain! We are also proud to be so.

A species is a set of (animals or plants) in which the members have similar characteristics to each other.

To be rare is to be unusual to the extreme;

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TRAILLeitura de 6 mins
The fuzzy line between trail running and mountain climbing that gets you to the summit, scrambling requires its own skillset. Mountain guide ROBYN OWEN and endurance runner PIERRE JORDAAN prepare you for future scrambling missions. Scrambling (the gr
TRAILLeitura de 2 minsPsychology
Work With Your Physiology
WOMEN ARE NOT SMALL MEN: A paradigm shift in the science of nutrition Stacy Sims 13min45s The subtitle of this talk feels inaccurate after watching the video. It should have been called Work with your physiology, because that is the message conveyed.
TRAILLeitura de 1 mins
Trail Film Awards
What is inspiring your days? Mates head to the Cederberg, plan a route, and share the views with us to a mellow soundtrack. High production value documentary of Teboho Noosi, an athlete from Lesotho who dreams of breaking records