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Helen Baumann of Helen Baumann Design discovered the real joy of designing interesting spaces while working as a set designer at the ABC in the ‘90s, but had been involved in the field since completing her

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Think Sink
It’s easy to overlook the humble sink. Quietly withstanding the heavy wear and tear of banging pots and difficult-to-scrub pans, while often making a statement, the sink is one of the kitchen’s unsung heroes. Give your kitchen the freshen-up it deser
Kitchens & Bathrooms QuarterlyLeitura de 1 mins
Minimalist Magic
Gone are the days of chunky, clunky tapware. Ensure your bathroom is truly on trend with this new collection from Abey. This range is all about slimline design to inspire a feeling of elegance and maximise space in your bathroom. The Gareth Ashton Po
Kitchens & Bathrooms QuarterlyLeitura de 2 minsArchitecture
Secret Storage Solutions
Nobby Kitchens worked on this project to create a seamless kitchen space with a very big point of difference — a hidden pantry! The key feature of this kitchen is the sliding pantry door, which, when closed, looks to be a continuation of the wall. Th