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Spawn of the dead: a history of strange zombie movie mashups

The Christmas-set zombie musical Anna and the Apocalypse is just the latest in a long line of unusual attempts to add some bite to the undead subgenre
Ella Hunt and Malcom Cumming in a scene from Anna and the Apocalypse. Photograph: AP

Much like the reanimated corpses at their center, zombie films refuse to die. With this week’s US release of Anna and the Apocalypse – a Christmas-themed zombie musical – coming out only a few weeks after Overlord – a second world war action-horror hybrid – it’s clear that film-makers are still finding new ways to fashion stories around the walking dead.

Even before George A Romero’s groundbreaking Night of the Living Dead, the modern zombie mythos was proving itself extremely malleable, and film-makers have continually found creative, surprising and often ridiculous new ways to fit these creatures into stories across a variety of genres. Here’s an overview of some of the more memorable examples of genre-bending zombie mashups.

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