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‘EVENTS, dear boy, events,' Harold Macmillan told a journalist when asked what things were most likely to rock governments and change the course of history. There have certainly been plenty of major events over the past 12

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Subjects That Work Well Backlit
I'm always watching the weather forecasts, and frost is something I look out for. Clear skies, calm winds and cool temperatures increase the chances of frost, which turns scenes into a winter wonderland. When the frost is severe, shooting into the li
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Why It Works
Over the years, I've spent a lot of time photographing wildlife along the Suffolk coast. I love it there – it's such a contrast to London where I'm based, and the wildlife is fantastic. One species I've always been keen to photograph there has been b
Amateur PhotographerLeitura de 2 mins
Too Many Pictures, Too Little Time
Standing on the platform end at my local preserved railway station I was peering through my viewfinder awaiting ‘the decisive moment'. The moment approached, my finger tensed on the shutter release, and then I became aware of the machine-gun chatter