When Was the Last Time You Had a Tech Fail at Home?

The day that Alexa, Lutron Caséta, Sonos, Rain Bird, Nest, Logitech, and Haiku all stopped speaking to each other. I had to divine a shutdown/restart/resync sequence that got all the kids playing together again—while my wife insisted no

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Modern Market
More at Dwell.com/Shop Modern Grilles for the Modern Home Quality floor and wall grilles available in standard and custom sizes. See our gallery and architectural finish options online! Discount: dwell1120 kulgrilles.com Creating Beautiful and Timele
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Even Less Than An Ektorp
Want to show off your impressive bar setup? Room & Board has you covered with this stylish shelf unit. It comes in 16 base finishes (all welded in Minnesota) and 27 top options, allowing you to concoct a custom look. Maya Blu Ceramics’ new stoneware
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One Last Thing
What I love about this skate deck is its ambiguity. The colors blur, the shapes are undefined, but there are enough recognizable images in there to capture the eye—almost like an optical illusion. I have it hanging in my studio, and as I’m going abou