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On November 26, General Motors announced a major corporate restructuring which included eliminating 15% of its workforce as well as closing five manufacturing facilities – three vehicle assembly plants in North America, as well as two powertrain plants, plus two assembly operations

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Chevrolet Astro III
The Sixties saw a raft of starry-eyed futurists insist that gas turbines were destined to usurp the internal combustion engine. Chrysler in particular was evangelical about this method of propulsion. General Motors also experimented, not least with t
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Doin’ the Continental
After the disappointment of the Continental Mark II’s lacklustre sales success, it was decided that the Continental nameplate should be re-amalgamated with Lincoln in 1958, as the shining star on top of that division’s tree. The Continental Mark II,
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Author: Tim Boyd Published by: Car Tech ISBN: 978-1-61325-565-0 Since the earliest days of model car kit production in the late Fifties, drag racing has featured prominently. Several of the first car kits from Monogram were of dragsters and a n