Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. But what exactly is imagination?

Some say it is the ability to mentally imagine something – a memory, a picture of the

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John Keely’s Marvellous Machines
Some inventions – such as the printing press, the television set and the smart phone – have literally changed the world we live in. But what about the independent flywheel, the Globe Motor, the dissipating engine, the multiplicator, the automatic wat
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Mindfulness Screen Detox
‘We didn’t have any of these gadgets in my day,’ might be a familiar comment you’ve heard from your parents when you are glued to your iPad and mum wants you to play outside instead. The digital revolution has hit your generation hard and fast and th
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Dear Doctor
DEAR READING DOCTOR, At my school, we have a huge box of recycling and I love to build cool stuff from it. Last week, I built a tiny car from a yoghurt pot and some bottle caps to carry pencils around the classroom. Another time, I made a rocket wi